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Breach of Employment Contracts in Florida

Representing Employees When Employers Break Their Employment Contracts

If you are an employee in Florida and your employer has broken the terms of your employment contract, you may be entitled to compensation. At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, we understand how difficult it can be when employers don’t adhere to the agreements they have made with their employees. We know that you may have suffered financially or emotionally, and we are here to help you secure the best possible outcome for your situation.

When it comes to a breach of an employment contract, one of the most important things you can do is seek experienced legal help. At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, our team is led by board-certified employment law expert Benjamin Yormak. He and his team are dedicated to helping employees throughout Florida get the justice they deserve.

If you have been a victim of a contract breach in Florida, we invite you to reach out for a confidential consultation. We will use our expertise to help you understand your rights and how to pursue them in a way that secures the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact us today and let us take it from here.

When Can You Sue For Breach Of Contract?

In Florida, employees can sue if their employers have violated the terms of an employment contract. This could include failure to pay wages, wrongful termination, or failure to adhere to specific terms of a contract. The court will look at whether there was an enforceable contract in place and whether it was breached. If the court decides that your employer did not abide by the terms of the contract, you may be able to recover compensation for their breach of the contract.

Types of Employment Contract Breaches

Employment contracts can be breached in several ways. Possible breaches include:

Material Breaches of Contract

A material breach of an employment contract occurs when an employer or employee fails to fulfill a significant or essential term of the contract. Examples of a material breach could include failing to pay an employee their agreed-upon salary, commissions, bonuses or benefits, failing to provide a safe working environment, or wrongfully terminating them.

Non-Material Breaches of Contract

A non-material breach of an employment contract is a failure to fulfill a minor or insignificant term of the contract. An example of a non-material breach could include minor deviation from the job description or working hours.

Anticipatory Breaches of Contract

An anticipatory breach of contract occurs when one party to the contract indicates that they will not fulfill their obligations under the contract. An anticipatory breach by an employer could include indicating they will not make payment due under an employee’s contract, or giving an employee notice of termination before the agreed-upon date.

Compensation for Breach of an Employment Contract

If an employer is found to have breached their employment contract, the employee may be able to recover monetary damages. Monetary damages could include lost wages and benefits, as well as compensation for emotional distress, attorneys fees, or other losses. The amount of compensation that you may be eligible for depends on the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

What To Do If You Believe Your Employer Has Breached Your Employment Contract?

If you believe that your employer has breached your employment contract, the first thing you should do is consult an experienced employment law attorney. An attorney can help you assess the details of your contract and advise you on how to proceed in order to secure the best possible outcome.

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At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, we have years of experience helping employees throughout Florida protect their rights and get the justice they deserve. Our team is led by board-certified employment law expert Benjamin Yormak, so you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation and let us help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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