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The education and academic research sector is dynamic and impactful, playing a crucial role in shaping the future through dedicated educators and administrators. Yet, these professionals often face employment challenges, including faculty tenure disputes, sexual harassment cases, and academic freedom issues.

With a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of education law and the specific needs of educational professionals, Yormak Employment & Disability Law specializes in representing educators and professionals facing employment challenges. We understand the unique issues you’re dealing with, and we can fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Representing a Broad Range of Employees in the Industry

Each role within the education sector has unique challenges and legal issues. That’s why we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. We don’t just offer legal advice; we offer solutions designed for your needs. Below, we cover the different industry roles we represent and how we assist each other in employment-related challenges.

Academic Researchers

Academic researchers are at the heart of innovation and societal development. Their work involves extensive study and exploration in various fields, leading to discoveries and insights that can have far-reaching impacts.

However, these professionals frequently face allegations of misconduct, disputes over non-compete clauses, or other employment issues. We can help protect your rights and reputation.

University Professors

University professors play a pivotal role in shaping minds. They play a crucial role in future generations by imparting knowledge and fostering critical thinking, preparing students for careers and lifelong learning.

Yet, given their multifaceted role, university professors can face various employment-related issues, including tenure disputes, academic freedom challenges, workload concerns, and equity in compensation and promotion. We’re here to ensure your rights and your career are protected.

Educational Administrators

Educational administrators, such as deans, heads of schools, and student affairs administrators, are the backbone of educational institutions. They ensure smooth operations, oversee academic programs, and handle various administrative tasks.

Their roles can expose them to legal issues such as contract disputes, whistleblower retaliation, or misconduct allegations. At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, we understand the intricacies of these challenges and can provide expert guidance and representation.

Grant Managers

Grant managers play a crucial role in securing funding for educational institutions. Their work involves managing and overseeing grants to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions stipulated by the grantor.

Still, these professionals may face legal issues related to contract disputes, whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination, or allegations of mismanagement. We’re here to help you navigate these complex situations.


Counselors are instrumental in guiding students through their academic journey. They provide invaluable course selection, career planning, and personal development advice.

Despite their critical role, counselors frequently find themselves battling contractual disputes, workload management, and confidentiality concerns. We are committed to defending your rights for fair treatment.

Employment Issues We Can Help With

At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, we understand how employment issues can be complex and stressful. Our expertise spans a broad range of employment law issues, and we’re committed to providing the highest level of legal representation to help you reach the best outcome. Here are some of the common employment issues we can help with:

Unfair Disciplinary Actions

Unfair disciplinary actions can tarnish education professionals’ reputations and adversely impact career growth.

If you believe you’ve been unfairly disciplined or targeted, seeking legal advice is essential. We review cases meticulously, identifying violations and fighting for justice on your behalf.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment and can severely impact educators’ well-being and job performance.

Institutional policies can create favorable conditions for perpetuating discriminatory practices and misconduct. Our skilled legal team understands the sensitive nature of these situations and provides confidential and aggressive representation to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Faculty Tenure Disputes

Faculty tenure disputes are another area that we specialize in. Tenure, a significant milestone in an academic career, provides professors with job security and academic freedom. Once a faculty member is tenured, they are generally protected from being terminated without cause.

Our team is well-equipped to handle such disputes, providing legal guidance and representation to faculty members who believe they have been unfairly denied tenure.

Academic Freedom Disputes

In recent years, higher education in Florida has been besieged by conflicts where academic freedom and political agendas clash.Academic freedom disputes often arise when educators or researchers face limitations or challenges to their freedom to teach, discuss, or publish on topics they deem important for their academic work.

It is imperative to address conflicts that arise at the intersection of academic freedom and job security. In cases where tenure may be denied or revoked due to the perceived controversial nature of an individual’s academic work, disputes often arise.

We have successfully represented clients facing such disputes before and can guide you every step of the way.

Wage Disputes

Wage disputes in the sector often revolve around salary equity, contract negotiations, and performance-based compensation issues.

These disputes may stem from concerns over equitable pay or industry standards, disagreements during contract renewals regarding salary and benefits, and discrepancies in compensation tied to performance metrics or research output.

Such issues can impact education professional’s financial stability and well-being. At Yormak Employment & Disability Law, we have the expertise to navigate these complex wage laws and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Discrimination

Education professionals sometimes face discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other personal characteristics. Such discrimination can manifest in decisions related to promotions, allocation of resources, assignment of responsibilities, research grants, and access to professional development opportunities.

The subtlety of discrimination at this level often requires a keen legal understanding to identify and address. We’re uniquely qualified to provide the representation you need to challenge such practices.

Misconduct Allegations

Misconduct allegations can range from academic dishonesty (such as plagiarism or research fraud) to inappropriate behavior or violations of institutional policies. The consequences of such accusations extend beyond immediate disciplinary actions to potentially include wrongful termination.

Legal counsel must be involved in these cases to ensure a fair and transparent process, safeguarding your rights, reputation, and career integrity.

Contract Disputes

These disputes typically arise over terms related to salary, tenure, workload, and responsibilities outlined in education professionals’ employment contracts.

These disputes require careful navigation because of the high stakes involved, such as job security, career progression, and reputational implications. Our team is well-versed in contract law and can provide the guidance and representation you need to fight contract disputes.

Retaliation Claims

Educators and administrators who report misconduct, whether financial improprieties, ethical violations, or breaches of safety protocols, may face adverse actions.

These retaliatory actions can include demotion, denial of tenure, exclusion from research opportunities, or even termination, affecting the individual’s career and reputation with even broader implications for institutional integrity and the safety of the educational environment.

If you believe you’ve been retaliated against, we’re here to help.

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At Yormak, Employment & Disability Law has a proven track record assisting Florida employees in fighting for their rights with solutions tailored to each case. Don’t navigate these complex issues alone. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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