What Conditions Contribute To A Hostile Work Environment?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Harassment At Work

Even if you love your career and enjoy your job, working around people who harass you can jeopardize your productivity. If repeated attempts to address the problem do not work, you may have no choice but to leave your job which could have a detrimental impact on your career.

Recognizing which conditions create hostility in the workplace can help you assess your situation. With a confident understanding of your situation, you can identify an appropriate response to the problems you experience.

Discrimination and humiliation

Discrimination is one of the most common characteristics of a hostile work environment. This mistreatment may include derogatory commentary about your work, your appearance or career goals. According to Indeed.com, discrimination can target your religious beliefs, disabilities, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Actions from others that cause you to feel humiliated, threatened or undervalued all fall under discrimination. Incessant jokes targeting your work ethic or contributions to team initiatives can also contribute to feelings of hostility.

Poor communication

Poor communication can also disrupt workflow and create confusion and hostility. Even worse is when a breakdown in communication results in your demise. For example, if a missed deadline occurs because of unmet expectations that were never disclosed to you, the situation may feel more like a targeted ploy to put you in the hot seat.


Addressing your concerns immediately can help you show your seriousness about wanting respect as an employee. If your employer fails to take responsibility for the harassment you endure, you may need to take your concerns elsewhere. An attorney can assist you with this process.