Gathering evidence to document workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Harassment At Work

When someone is harassing you at work in Florida, you may consider calling attention to the harassment in an effort to make it stop. Workplace harassment takes on many different forms, but all types of harassment have the potential to impact your productivity, emotions and mental health.

Per Chron, if you plan to report someone at work for harassing you, you may find it beneficial to compile evidence that backs up your assertions ahead of time so that you have something to reference and furnish as “proof” of the harassing treatment you have faced. When it comes to documenting workplace harassment, take care to do the following.

Keep records of everything

If the harassment you face comes in the form of emails, photos or text messages, be sure to save all of those emails, photos and text messages, and consider making copies of them, too. If the harassment was such that it forced you to see a doctor for physical or mental health reasons, document your visits, too. You may need to furnish mental health records or other medical records to showcase how much harm the harassment caused you.

Identify witnesses

If there were any witnesses present who saw your harasser take adverse action against you, be sure to save their names and contact information. Similarly, if someone else at work is facing harassment at the hands of the same individual or individuals, you may also need the other victim to come forward and back up your assertions.

Ultimately, when it comes to compiling evidence of harassment, the more documentation you collect, the better and stronger your case may be.