How can age discrimination hurt your career?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Discrimination At Work

Age discrimination is a common problem in today’s workplaces. Even if they are well-qualified, some individuals do not get fair chances from others because of their age.

Workers should know more about this unfair treatment and how it can seriously hurt someone.

Limited chances to move up

In a lot of industries, older workers do not get as many opportunities to advance compared to younger ones. Even if they have relevant experience, they might not get promoted or chosen for leadership roles. This happens because of outdated ideas about older workers not being able to keep up with new things at work.

Separation from coworkers and bosses

People who face age discrimination often feel like they are stuck in their jobs with no chance to grow. They see younger coworkers getting ahead while they stay in the same place. This can make them feel frustrated and unhappy, which can affect how well they do their job.

Lack of credit for hard work

Even if older workers complete all their tasks successfully, sometimes employers do not recognize their efforts as much as they should. People might think an aged worker’s success is just because they are older, rather than their skills. This makes them feel like they are not valued and makes it hard for them to stay motivated.

When individuals think of common biases and issues in the workforce, age discrimination may not come up. However, this form of discrimination has real effects on employees over a certain age, leading to a reduction in the overall cohesion and skill of the workforce itself.