USA Today: Cancer Centers Accused Of Medicare Fraud, Unsafe Practices

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Firm News

Two of the nation’s largest cancer-care providers are accused of engaging in an illegal “gentleman’s agreement” to divide up treatment services in Florida.

The allegation against Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute and 21st Century Oncology lists multiple claims — gender discrimination, fraudulent Medicare billing and unsafe medical practices — against the companies in a 50-page federal whistleblower lawsuit filed last year that had, until recently, been under seal and out of the public eye. Benjamin Yormak, the attorney for Dill and Sievert, said his clients have company documents to back up their claims.

“They were privy to a number of wrongdoings,” Yormak said. “If you look at the services 21st Century provides and Florida Cancer on a national basis or through the state of Florida, you’ll notice that they should be direct competitors. If you look at the services offered, say, from Sarasota-Bradenton to Marco (Island), you’ll notice that there’s no competition between them.”