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What Should You Know About Your Employment Contract?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Breach Of Employment Contract

Signing an employment contract is often one of the first things you may do when starting a new job. This document may appear unnecessary at a glance, but in reality, it can provide critical information to help you make informed decisions throughout your employment.  

A well-written contract essentially defines the responsibilities and expectations that your employer has for you. It also provides you with a description of what to expect from your employer in exchange for your work.  

Highlight critical information

When you discuss a potential job offer with an interviewer, take note of any verbal agreements. This way, you can verify the inclusion of this information in the employment contract you sign. Prior to signing a contract, look for and highlight critical information. According to, important contract information could include the following: 

  • Disciplinary procedures for non-compliance 
  • Compensation structure including bonuses and commission 
  • Conditions of your employment including its duration 
  • Legal expectations your employer may have 
  • Benefits packages and your eligibility 
  • Descriptions of your job responsibilities 

Review compliance

With critical information highlighted, you can periodically review your contract and verify compliance. If you notice anything amiss or have proof that your employer has neglected to provide you with something they have promised, you can use your contract as leverage to back your claim.  

Your employment contract is more than something to benefit your employer. Knowing its purpose can help you see how its existence can also benefit and protect you. If you change jobs within your company, make sure to ask for an updated employment contract that reflects the changes to your role.