What Should You Do When Your Company Does Something Illegal?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Whistleblowers

While your boss makes the major decisions in your company, you feel very uncomfortable with some choices and suspect they break the law. Should you share your concerns with someone?

Monster offers a step-by-step guide for responding to suspected criminal activity at the office. Understand your options and the most favorable course of action.

Get all the facts

Before taking your suspicions to anyone or acting on them, try to get all the details on the matter. Ask yourself which laws you think your company violates and the specific wrongdoing happening. It also makes sense to consider how many employees your company has, as some laws only apply to companies with a specific number of workers.

Do not take whistleblower laws for granted

While you may know how whistleblower laws work in Florida, do not assume they protect you from every negative consequence of sharing your concerns with the proper parties. Even though whistleblower laws safeguard you from retaliation, that does not mean you should not expect your employer to try to make your life hard legally. Protect yourself and your rights by documenting everything you do related to bringing illegal activity in the office to light.

Know whom to report your suspicions to

You may not know whom to trust in the office. Start with your supervisor and work your way up the chain of command in the office if you feel you cannot trust your immediate supervisor. If no one in the office takes action, or if you mistrust everyone in a leadership position, consider filing a complaint with a government agency.

You do not deserve to worry about your job if you report unlawful action. Learning more about your rights helps you make well-informed choices.