What Is A Workday In Florida?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Wage-And-Hour Claims

The concept of a workday varies greatly. People have different ideas, and states define it in a variety of ways.

It is essential to understand the definition of a workday because this will impact many other aspects. It can affect overtime pay, benefits and other factors about your pay and obligations. The definition of a workday depends on whether you have a contract.

Definition under Florida law

Florida law states a work day is 10 hours. This may differ from the general understanding that a workday is eight hours. In this state, a workday equals 10 hours and overtime does not kick in until you work over 10 hours in one day.


The only exception to the 10-hour workday rule is if you have a contract. Your contract may make the work day shorter or longer. As long as you and the employer sign the agreement, it is binding and supersedes state law.

Worth noting

It is important that you completely understand your contract or work agreement when you begin a job. You want to check what the definition of a workday is for that employer. Do not assume it is eight hours. You need to make sure your contract specifies or if you do not have an agreement, you need to realize the state law makes the workday 10 hours. This can be confusing since the general belief is that a workday is eight hours.

You cannot assume when it comes to a job and the agreement about that employment. You need to check the law and look into your company’s policies. You have to understand before you start working because you have no ability to object or fight the situation if you do not have all the information.