How Can You Prove Your Termination Was Illegal?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Discrimination At Work

Facing a surprising dismissal from your job may leave you and your family in a financial bind. You may have a case for wrongful termination when you believe that the firing resulted from employer bias.

How do you know if your termination was illegal? You need to prove that your employer acted in an underhanded way to dismiss you illegally.

What qualifies as a wrongful termination?

Your first course of action is to devise a timeline of events that led to your termination. This will help establish the motives behind the employer’s action. For instance, you may find that you reported an incident of harassment months ago that either went uninvestigated or worsened the work environment.

What are the most common reasons for wrongful termination?

Florida employers do not always want to address workplace harassment and discrimination claims, especially when they center around the way the business works. Even if you alleged that a coworker was acting inappropriately, the company might have had a reason for not wanting to address your concerns and take action. Some of the most common reasons for a wrongful termination include:

  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Pay issues
  • Work injury claim
  • Harassment
  • Medical leave
  • Pregnancy
  • Whistleblowing

Should you believe that any of the above has led to your wrongful termination, you should speak to someone who may help you with the next steps. Since you no longer have access to company records and emails, you may need to get a court order granting you access to them.