Addressing Minimum Wage Violations In Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Wage-And-Hour Claims

From denied overtime to your employer’s failure to provide you with breaks in accordance with the law, you need to take a firm stand for any wage and hour violations you experience. Furthermore, you should take a look at the state’s minimum wage laws and immediately address violations if your employer pays you less than the minimum wage.

Additionally, you should pay attention to minimum wage changes coming in 2023.

Reviewing Florida’s minimum wage

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Florida has a formula to make adjustments to minimum wage on an annual basis. Currently, Florida’s minimum wage is $11 per hour. However, the minimum wage in the Sunshine State will increase to $12 per hour in September 2023.

If your employer currently pays you less than $11 per hour in violation of the law or fails to increase your pay when the minimum wage increases later this year, do not hesitate to explore your options.

Dealing with minimum wage violations

Unfortunately, some workers stay silent in the wake of minimum wage violations and other forms of mistreatment. For example, you could worry about the potential consequences of filing a complaint and standing up for your rights, such as job loss. Furthermore, victims of minimum wage violations do not always have a clear understanding of the law and how it protects employees.

If you face these violations firsthand, your employer’s failure to compensate you properly could prove especially damaging, whether you cannot pay bills or afford groceries. Make sure you take action right away if you experience minimum wage violations or any other employee rights violations.